Mosquito Free Outdoor Curtains - Recapture your back yard with eco-friendly, beautiful mosquito curtains
It's time to take back your outdoor living space and get back outdoors with these beautiful mosquito repelling curtains.   These curtains provide a wonderful solution for eliminating mosquitos and many other flying insects allowing your family and friends to once again enjoy your backyard.   
Creating an eco friendly barrier, they are pesticide and chemical free making them child/pet friendly.   Reducing contact with mosquitos and other flying insects allows you to protect your family from the risk of mosquito transmitted diseases such as Encephalitis and West Nile in addition to stings and bites from other insects that can lead to infection or allergic reaction which can sometimes be life threatening.
An affordable option that replaces the need for a permanent screened-in enclosure, they are more attractive and offer less view obstruction.  The 'black' curtain is virtually invisible when looking out from your enclosed area.  There are several options for 'attachment' depending upon your preferences and space requirements.  Curtains can be pulled completely opened when not in use via a 'track mount' system or attached 'trackless' and pulled back when not needed.   Completetly customzied to your space they can even include 'walk through openings' that 'snap' shut behind you. 
They are removable during the winter and easily cleaned, durable and come in three beautiful colors to coordinate with any outdoor living space.
100% Guaranteed
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