Mosquito Free Outdoor Curtains - Recapture your back yard with eco-friendly, beautiful mosquito curtains
About Us
When we installed our curtains we were amazed at how much we loved them.  Not only did they eliminate the mosquitos, they drastically reduced all other flying insects such as flies, wasps, bees and those pesky gnats.   An additional perk that we had not expected is that they reduce the 'dust' and 'debris' from leaves and grass on our patio. 
We once again are enjoying our outdoor living space, inviting guests over, dining and entertaining outside without worrying about coating ourselves in insecticide or spending a fortune on mosquito prevention candles, toxic sprays and anything else we could find to wage 'mosquito' war.    As you can see by the pictures below they transformed our outdoor living space in to a usable, outdoor room that we can use year round in Houston.   While entertaining we can come and go through our french doors without having to constantly 'keep the door closed' making it hard to bring things in and out.  
They have provided such a wonderful change in how much we enjoy our patio that we decided to become an official reseller/installer to provide these mosquito free outdoor curtains as a turnkey service for fellow Houstonians and surrounding areas.   
Our service includes working with you to measure and design your outdoor living space, ordering and receiving them with a careful check for quality control and complete installation and instructions on care of your curtains.           
We conduct our business with integrity and a commitment for you to be 100% satisfied.   Give us a call or go to the contact page and send us a note.  We would love to help you 'take back your outdoors'.    It can be done in less than two weeks.  
Carlos and Debby Gutierrez
Houston, Texas